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Version 0.1.1 is out!
Hi! Version 0.1.1 is here. Quite few things added since last devlog : - Two new skills - Dodge replaced with shield block - Added range enemy - Much larger leve...
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Combat update #3
Another update. There's more gameplay elements now. New art assets, enemies and chest can drop health packs. There's a time limit and objectives to kill 'X' amo...
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Another Combat Update
Hi there! I just released a small arena map to test the combat. It's a huge WIP but I would be happy to recive any type of feedback! There are two enemy types...
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Small update on combat
Small update on the progress: I've been working mostly on the combat aspects of the game lately and since I'm not a real programmer, It's taking me a while. So...
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v0.021 is out
Hi, this is a small update that adds some enemy animations. It's still huge work in progress, but it should add a better feel to the combat. Next step will be a...
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UPDATE v0.02
Hello There :) This is my first dev blog as well as update for this game. Right now it's just a fun project that I'm doing to better understand Unity. I'm not a...
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Hey! I played your game and here is the link to it!: Hope the feedbac...
started by P B Giridharahn Nov 05, 2020
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